Why building connections is crucial


Note from Kevin: This post is written by my new friend Luke Guy of Lukeguy.com. When he’s not guest writing for sites like Smart Passive Income and ProBlogger, Luke blogs on his eponymously-named website. He’s also a Be A Better Blogger subscriber. Read on and, when you’re finished, be sure to leave Luke a comment!

Connections are everything in life. It takes connections to be successful or to even get a job these days. So as a blogger you should want to achieve connections as much as possible. That process should never end. No matter how big you get, keep the connections coming. It’s the only way to get ahead.

The one with the most connections wins.

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Blog Traffic Case Study: How publishing daily increased my traffic 46% and decreased my joy 72%


“Please, sir, I want some more.”

Who can forget the immortal line from Oliver Twist when a young blogger named Oliver asks Matt Cutts of Google for more blog traffic. (I’m assuming that’s what was happening. I’ve never actually read the book.)

Young Oliver’s plight is one felt by most bloggers. Whether we have a little bit or a lot, we all want more traffic.

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Know your audience


“Why did you write a paper about hamburgers for your computer class,” I heard the dad ask his daughter.

It was an excellent question.

Back when I was a high-school teacher by day, a grad-student by night, I got to experience what it’s like to have teenage sons and daughters. By this mean I got to experience what it’s like to be dumbfounded on a daily basis.

One year, I assigned a research paper for extra credit. We teachers were encouraged by school administrators to offer students ways to boost their grades, and I reluctantly agreed.

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The Facebook comments strategy you will either love or hate


There are a fair number of influential bloggers out there, but only a few who make me put on my thinking cap and analyze their actions when they do something new.

Brian Dean of Backlinko is one such blogger. Neil Patel is another. Darren Rowse of ProBlogger is definitely one.

Derek Halpern is one, too.

I’ve mentioned Derek once or twice or thrice here on the blog, but for those unfamiliar with him he’s all about using psychology to get traffic, conversions, and sales.

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What a 4-hour meeting can teach us about blogging


I recently had the “pleasure” of sitting through a 4-hour meeting for my job.

Thankfully, we took a 1-minute break half-way through. This was long enough for me to stand up and stretch my legs, but not long enough for me to escape from the building, run to my car, and drive home.

I loathe meetings. The only upside to them is they give me time to think.

Usually, I think about how much I hate meetings. Sometimes, I think about blogging.

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