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Finding Your Voice as a Blogger

KEVIN J. DUNCAN / JAN 22, 2019

The blogosphere is a lot like being trapped in an elevator with actors Jack Nickolson, William Devane, and Christian Slater. If you close your eyes, everyone sounds the same.

We bloggers write the same way. We cover the same topics. We use the same plugins. We follow the same advice, we kiss up to the same influential bloggers, and we all part our hair to the left (I’m assuming).

We’re followers. We do what we see the leaders in our field are doing.

If Darren Rowse, Pamela Wilson, and Jon Morrow started writing “you know what I’m saying” at the end of every paragraph, bloggers everywhere would begin doing it too.

You know what I’m saying?

Why do we do this?

Well, we’re conditioned to behave this way.

When you’re young, standing out is oftentimes the most embarrassing thing imaginable. You’re rewarded for conforming, so you dress the same way as your friends, listen to the same music they do, and say the same silly expressions they say.

This conditioning continues when you reach adulthood.

Companies usually don’t hire the guy wearing the super comfy and sensible sweatpants they hire one of the dozen guys wearing a black suit.

Pretty girls usually don’t go for the guy with the blue Mohawk — they go for one of the million guys with “the businessman” haircut.

But here’s the thing…

Blending into the crowd can only take you so far.

Lady Gaga started playing the piano at age 4, wrote her first ballad at 13, and began performing when she was only 14. And yet, no one paid her a lick of attention until she started dressing like an alien from outer space.

You (probably) won’t have to wear a dress made out of plastic bubbles to succeed as a blogger. But you are going to have to separate yourself from the crowd.

You’re going to have to be that one gray suit in a sea of black.

You’re going to have to find your voice.

The good news?

I’ve got three great tips to help you find it.

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